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Beautiful Oman

At the crossroads of the Middle East, the Sultanate of Oman is the gateway to the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a hidden land of mystique and adventure, leading to a bygone world of a friendly and humble people still flourishing amidst majestic mountain peaks and simmering desert sands. Oman is an Arabian experience that is not to be missed.

Now on the crest of a vibrant and exciting period in history, Oman has rekindled the dreams of ages past. It is a country teeming with traditions and culture that date back to the dawn of time. It is a treasure trove of breathtaking natural beauty. Like a lost of lore tucked away on a forgotten shelf waiting to be found and read. Oman holds secrets that were once sought by kings and common men alike.

Whether you are travelling back in time in the exotic forts and souqs of Oman, or rejuvenating in the scenic natural beauty of indulging in traditional Omani hospitality, you are sure to be treated to an unmatched holiday experience.

On behalf of Sunny Day Tours, Travel & Adventures, we  welcome you to Oman. Or as we say it the Omani way - “Ahlan Wa Sahlan”.

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